Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Long time, no blog

But I have been reading a lot – through my random walks through blogo-sphere.

Ankur’s post prompted me to respond – what else can egg on a b-school student more than borrowed CP!

Well Ankur, I more or less agree with what you say (except that I don’t quite mind Kingfisher food – and obviously don’t have the same motives for catching an aisle seat!) – although I would like to add that you missed a few. Since I really have flown more airlines, so here’s my contribution to your list:

1. Air Sahara/Jetlite – My memories of the airline go back to before the famous merger. Experienced mostly on early morn flights from Delhi to Cal (first flight to depart from Delhi airport 5:05 am) on sem breaks from Pilani.

Best– looking stewards ever!!! It got really bad toward the end with cancelled flights, awry schedules and what not – but that was mainly due to the uncertainty about its future. But it did have a distinctive style and was very Indian (as in the country – not the airline!). Sad to see it lose its identity – especially since Jetlite is a definite downgrade from a full-service airline that it used to be.

2. Go Air - Now given that Ness Wadia has otherwise good taste in life (Case in point: Preity Zinta), I really want to know who picked the uniforms for this airline. Not only are they in different colors – they are different fluroscent colors!!! Not to mention really down-market looking black fishnet stockings – eeks!

Also the service is pathetic – the call center is dumber than average (average call center IQ is about 4 I guess). And never ever cancel a flight coz the whole ticket redemption thing is way too complicated!

Plus I took a midnight flight that departs at 00:40. I reached the airport at 23:00 (since I was alone and didn’t want to travel too late) and asked if the flight was on time. The guy at the counter replied- “It’s been on time the last two days – we’ve never done three days in a row – so I don’t think so!” Now that’s an organization with some issues!

3. Paramount: unfair advatage over Ankur– since paramount only flies South India – I doubt he’s ever been on it! But it’s by far the best idea ever. Embraer planes have awesome legspace – and an all-business class flight at those rates is just unbelievable!!! My uncle who flies across South India (Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Cochin) regularly completely swears by it. Dunno how profitable it is though…

And ya, if anyone has any experience of flying Jagson or MDLR please add to the list!