Monday, July 10, 2006

The difference between loving someone and being in love with them

Love, in general, is an oft used, oft abused word. I believe it was originally used to describe the bond one shared with family or god. But nowadays its used quite loosely- like "I love Tom Cruise", or " I love that car " ... hence it has become imperative that certain prefixes or suffixes be added to the word in order to convey its exact usage.

Romantic love- which is the most commonly used application of the word and contrary to popular belief , it is where it has a number of meanings. The difference we are referring to is not merely a measure of the depth of one’s feelings - it is on the other hand, a precise definition of what the feeling actually IS .........

When u love some1 u [or at least I] want to make them happy at any cost and keep them that way......... when u love some1 u direct all ur efforts to make their dreams come true.
When u love some1 u don’t care about what ur relationship with the person is, as long as u can love them. Love is pretty unselfish in this form and expects nothing in return...when u love some1 the only pleasure u derive is in giving.

When, on the other hand, u are in love with some1 they become ur ultimate ambition. The feeling in this case must necessarily be mutual- it is an explosive drive that leads to destruction- but sweet destruction. ur actions then serve no purpose but to further that desire , and there is no rationality governing them. The world starts and ends in ur relationship... when u are in love with some1 the "WE" is more imp than the "I". when u are in love with some1 u don’t need to contemplate as to what is good, bad or ugly.......
u are no longer in control of what u give or take... it just happens..

In conclusion- loving some1 is voluntary service- but being in love with some1 is involuntary surrender

Another mail I wrote to someone a long long time back. At 19 I had the whole world figured I am not so sure

Memories - old and new

it was but yesterday we met in dream.
you have sung to me of your aloneness and i
of your longings have built a tower in the sky
but now our sleep has fled and our dreams
over,and it is no longer dawn.
the noon tide is upon us and our half waking
has turned to fuller day,and we must part
if in the twillight of memory we should meet
once more we shall speak again toghether and you
shall sing to me a deeper song
and if our hands should meet in another dream
we shall build another tower in the sky

Dunno why I am posting this... came across it while going through some old mails..

Lines quoted by someone else, in some other time and some other context, hold a dif meaning today.. yet what stays the same is tingling sensation inside