Friday, April 28, 2006

three weeks and counting...

... since my last post. Pleased to announce have been awfully busy and am likely to be for the next month atleast. Just to inform anyone who cares that me will take the GMAT on September 19!

What else? Am working this weekend. Reasons include a lot more than just the tight deadlines.. but will let that be.

Longer post follows.. baadi jete icche korche na.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Time Pass

Am leaving for Mumbai for the weekend - done with my day's work and just waiting for time to pass before I can leave for the airport. So thought I'd drop by a post.

For quite some time now - ever sice i changed jobs - I have spent several hours in office doing nothing. Nothing productive that is. Reminds me of the time when we are HP Labs - where we personified vettiness! You really need to come up with new stuff - coz how long can u mail/chat/orkut??

So what is it that I do for Time Pass. Well here are some pointers:

1. At HP we used to do the Hindu Crossword, now I sometimes do Sudoku.
2.! wonderful discovery - my favorites include the Rock, Paper, Scissor game and Jigsawland. Guess My Age is fun - for a one time try.
3. One day I found this site. My favorite games are 'fulfillment' and 'stack trace' - also like 'F*** It'.
4. Nowadays I religiously read every link on the CNN-IBN site
5. Also read several blogs - take a random walk through blogosphere trying to catch something interesting.
6. When I completely run out of stuff to do - i Blog :)

Any other suggestions?