Monday, May 23, 2005

Why is there so much hoopla over indra nooyi and her speech at columbia??
The first time i read about her analogy of the US to the middle finger, i thought it was kinda funny ...
and then i realise the whole blogsphere is up in arms against her for insulting the country that gave her "self-actualization" calling her a parasite and what not..
so i finally read the entire speech and as far as i am concerned, there is absolutely nothing objectionable about it... believe me she paid the Americans a compliment by not saying more...

but then i also belive that whatever opinion the rest of the world has about the US is largely created by the media. you really can't blame the rest of the world from picturising the average american as a fat, lazy snob, who believes he can control the world. however my limited experience of americans is that they can be extremely polite and professionsl - if and only if they choose to be ....

and thats exactly what indra was talking about! the Americans , unlike Africa or Asia have a choice... they can either be a helpful Big brother or a pain-in-the-ass big bully...

given the reactions to her speech all i can say is that they just cose the latter!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

am on a script reading spree

havent blogged in a while coz i've spent most of my time chatting and playing games - and ofcourse reading other blogs... have been too lazy to write anything... though there's so much i've wanted to blog about. last few days i've been downloading scripts of films i love and those i've always wanted to see ... planning to build a collection...

what follows is the first scene of High Fidelity - my favorite film to see on a thursday morning (all those convent educated people from cal will know what a thursday morning means - a holiday in the middle of the week and ur parents aren't home!)... why this today? well, saw serendipity last night and remembered how much i love John cusack...

hope you enjoy this




Not a minisystem, not a matching set, but coveted audiophile
clutter of McIntosh and Nakamichi, each component from a
different era, bought piece by piece in various nanoseconds
of being flush.

ROB (V.O.)
What came first? The music or the
misery? People worry about kids
playing with guns and watching
violent videos, we're scared that
some sort of culture of violence is
taking them over...


Big thin LPs. Fields of them. We move across them, slowly...
they seem to come to rest in an end of a few books... but
then the CD's start, and go on, faster and faster, forever
then the singles, then the tapes...

But nobody worries about kids
listening to thousands -- literally
thousands -- of songs about broken
hearts and rejection and pain and
misery and loss.

It seems the records, tapes, and CD's will never end until...
we come to ROB -- always a hair out of place, a face that
grows on you. He sits in an oversized beanbag chair and
addresses us, the wall of music behind him.

Did I listen to pop music because I
was miserable, or was I miserable
because I listened to pop music?