Monday, March 28, 2005

19 days!

Well its 19 days since i last update dmy blog... have been busy - yes.. but thats just an alibi...
been wanting to sit down and write about lotsa things , but somehow it just hasnt happened...

here's a brief summary of stuff i've wanted to blog about (now i'm just putting in abstracts) in the last 19 days...

1. We were doing some focus group studies last month - we did them in mumbai, pune and bangalore. In Mumbai respondents were given free dinner, in Bangalore they were given free transport. Tells u a lot about the cities me felt.

2. I wish more people in India would learn to speak Hindi - i hate having to use English to communicate with my countrymen!!! ( why hindi? coz i feel its most widespread and actually pretty simple- plus everyone - no matter how pseudo they might pretend to be - watches hindi films..)

3. I wouldnt survive in a Govt office. can't understand how ppl can be so disinterested in their work and still keep doing it for 20 years!

4. the difference between a well made film and a good film often lies in the way a story is "seen" by the camera - not just picturesquely but also in aheart felt manner.

5. Relationships don't always need to last. Its better to let them die than rekindle a fire thats burnt out.

6. Mondays are unlucky for me . i have so many terrible stories to tell. but shall whine some other time.

7.havent been able to stick to my new year resolutions at all - must do an indepth quarterly review of my efforts (or lack of them)

8. books, more books, still more books... i wish i could buy them all..
about the books i bought and once i wished i could (can someone lend me Stephen Fry??)

9. Photography - something that i know i can be really good at - need to buy a camera .. and soon... - attended a photog workshop - brilliant experience! But should i buy that or the ipod first? either way - wheres the money...

10. cigarettes are addictive - i now know from experience.

each abstract is getting shorter - so i guess i need to stop... still something's better than nothing.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

pet peeves

top five things to crib about

1. i have a terrible head-ache - lack of sleep
2. bangalore traffic
3. have no work to do - as in i have work to do but it isnt enuf to occupy my time
4. i have no money!
5. its raining and the match hasnt started yet

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Searching for the right words...

still have a hangover from last night.. it wasnt the alcohol(of which there was hardly any- coz after the concert i was already on a high)-but the music thats haunting my soul. whatever i say will be redundant and whatever has been said somehow doesnt convey what i felt. pure unadulterated magic-no frills attached. Knopfler is the man!

Monday, March 07, 2005

just wondering..

was listening to a song form pardes and it struck me that subash ghai's movies after that , namely "taal", "yaadein" and "kisna" were all big flops - point to be noted they didnt have a heroine whose name began with M...
so maybe there just is a case for superstition here...

thinking of heroines whose name begins with M that subash ghai cud use to break his jinx - i cam eup with just one killer - Mallika Sherawat. There Mr Ghai - go find ur karma!


whats with internet abbreviations? "netspeak" has taken on an absolutely horrific turn with all the chat lingo - my vocabulary is pretty restricted mind you ... but np ("no problem"- to those who didn't know that one). i want to have a conversation with some one who is capable of responding with something other than "lol"!

Me: Sushmita sen stole the show on koffee with karan
Cj(cyberjunkie): lol
Me: was really sick last night
Me: Pc did a good job on the budget
Cj: lol
Me: u know u are a real jerk
Cj: lol !!!!!!

and since when did sticking out ur tongue become fashionable - its the most -used smiley nowadays i find!

Cj: i think you are really cool :P. are u single :P. would u like to go to see a movie :P.

Me: Well i would - but is sticking out your tongue some new kind of kinky turn -on???
coz frankly from where i come from - thats downright rude!

i could go on but work beckons.. so brb with more. if u can add on to this you are welcome to.. np!

looking out...

i was pleasantly surprised that some one put up a link to my blog and called me "The Introspective Chitra". Re-reading my recent posts i realised that i had indeed been dwelling too much on the inside. so here's looking out..

i am essentially a non-political person - but this hilarious article about "democracy" had me rotfl - if u have no idea what that was supposed to mean . np - next post follows. :)