Friday, January 28, 2005

The "K" factor

ok i admit it... i am addicted. it's a difficult disclosure to make, especially when you know your peers belong to the faction that despises the one thing that is your ultimate source of entertainment on television. but who cares about them anyways?

so here goes - i am a K - serial addict. every evening form 8:30 till 11:30 i am glued to Star Plus (Sony too when Kkusum was in its hey day - but no more) watching the (melo)drama unfold on screen. from cheating husbands to plotting mom-in-laws and pious wives, every character is a stereotype, every plot is yet another cliche. but the ingenuity with which Balaji telefilms packs old wine into new bottles is simply outstanding. there have been so many also - rans in the last few years, but neither old stalwarts like nirja guleri (used to freak out on Chandrakanta as a kid), nor new comers like Aruna Irani (des mein nikla hoga chand is yuck!!!!!) could ever cut it. the only other series to capture attention was perhaps Sanjeevani, where the producers realised the audience was more interested in the love triangle rather than medical theme!

One point thats easy to note is how Ekta Kapoor rationalises on the budget of these serials by re-using the same sets. hence they have the same 2-3 temples, same cars (note the numbers), court room scenes co-incide usually and so on.

yes, there are all those icons that u keep hearing about on tv. Demi-gods created by one young woman, who understood that the hand that rocks the cradle, rules the remote control. fact is that most of the time we watch it- fully realising how crappy it is - just so we can criticize it! (Did u see her bindi?? its a totally different color from her saree! she looks so fat in those pants, she should stick to Indian clothes; but then she wudn't live up to her image as the "modern woman"......)

my favorite soap opera- difficult to pick, it varies with the season. but if i had to name my all time fav soap then it wud have to be a non-indian one. its been almost 8 years that i have been watching the Bold and the Beautiful and believe me, i am still hooked on to it. (bring on the adultery!)

p.s : Did you know that soap operas are called so coz originally they were sponsored by soap companies???

Thursday, January 27, 2005

My ideal Job

of late a lot of people have asked me what kind of a job i would like. and since it seemed like a logical continuance to the last post here goes:

i have a few basic requirements out of a job i take up

1. free net
2. free food
3. free transport

these 3 things would take care of my so called "minimum requirements" or as Hertzberg put it - dissatisfiers - (their presence does not give me any great joy, but their absence would lead to dissatisfaction!)

apart from this what i'd really like to do is something that isn't stereotypical or repetitive. where i would face a new challenge each day and would need to constantly keep learning new things.

i wouldn't mind travelling as long as it was restricted to cities and outdoor activity is kept to a minimum.

i'd like flexible working hours.. coz somedays i feel like working all the time and one some i just wanna chill out. ideal scenario - hectic project completion with a 100 -hr continuous last leg- no sleep, no rest, very li'l food lotsa coffee. and then take off on a weekend to a quite beach or hill station with light music, a good book and no interruptions.

but who will give me such a job?? someone i hope...

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Things I learned about myself

I went to Hosur (not once but twice) in the last week – on work. The trip wasn’t too exciting and there’s not much to talk about it. However it did reveal some things about me that I wasn’t fully aware of before.

I like traveling by road – if I didn’t I couldn’t have survived all those? Haryana Roadways rides from Pilani to Delhi and back. I don’t mind any sort of road, even if it’s a dirt track and I manage to achieve some sort of delight even from the bumpiest ride. I don’t mind traffic and like I have said before – enjoy being stuck at a signal. Highways rock! But obviously… nothing like whizzing at 100 kmph on a 4-lane highway with great music playing in the car. The National Highway Project is one thing the NDA government that I will forever be grateful for.

I hate small towns. Any place short of a city is somewhere I can’t spend more than a day in. the supposed calm and serenity that most people dig, is absolutely nerve-wracking from my point of view. I find it quaint, the houses, the people, their lifestyle… it’s amusing to an extent, but I can’t ever imagine living there. It’s too claustrophobic. In a city you can mingle or mind your own business – do as you please. Small towns force you to adhere to their customs and their way of life. Cities give you far more flexibility – I guess that’s a contentious point, but I’ll stick to my stand.

I am not a people person. It’s a trifle surprising, given that most people who know me will say I am pretty talkative and have a lot of friends. However I cannot, and will not go out of my way to make myself liked by strangers who have no significant relevance in my life. Also I find it uncomfortable to speak to people that I cannot relate to – as in someone like a 55-year old housewife who believes the best thing on the internet are matrimonial columns where she can find a guy for her daughter – not my cup of tea!

Maybe I’m a snob – perhaps a stuck up bitch who thinks no end of herself. Can’t help it – that’s who I am! 22 years of my life, that’s who I’ve been… can’t go changing it now can I??

Monday, January 10, 2005

Bull Ride!

went out with my sis and bro-in-law to nanadi hills on saturdya. it was a pretty eventful drive...
the road was ok for the most bit but at places it cjhanged into complete dirt track!

also they were these farmers in multiple places who had strewn hay all across the road, so that it would get threshed when the cars would go over it! free fo rthem, but hurtful to the cars! we got tons of hay stuck to the wheels, not to mention the hay dust all over the engine! there were also these vineyards on the way with little girls selling grapes on the road to the passing traffic. the view from nandi hills was spectacular! calm and serene, like most hill spots. people always say that u are either a hillstation person or a sea-side person.. i cant decide which one i am coz i guess i enjoy both... but now i guess i am partial to the hills.

the drive back was a night mare to say the least- we tried to escape peak traffic in the city by taking a little known route that i figured from the map!! so much for a great idea! we got trapped in 2 miserable traffic jams, the second one though completely overshadowed the first!

this was at the byapanhalli road rail crossing. its a narrow road with far more traffic than it can handle, which included everthing from trucks to govt buses to cycles! also it lies on one of the main rail routes which means that there is a train coming every 15 min. there are 2 roads that intersect there, one parallel to the rail line and the other perpendicular to it. and all four directions were completely jammed!evry time traffic moved, there was a blockage between the tracks which just resulted in everyone honking! and soon it would be time for another train to arrive and then people wud just move back or move forward just to get off the tracks - leading to more chaos! i have no idea how long we were stuck there (about 40 minutes methinks), but we were sure glad to get out!

the funny thing was that there was no signal and no traffic policeman to help out the situation. if they had some monitoring then they could have stopped more traffic from entering the road till they cleared the existing jam. now coming from cal, i am very used to chaotic traffic jams where everyone just wants to squeeze through without bothering about anyone else, but beieve me this beat all of those situations hands down!!!

there are some good things that came out of it also. for instance i actually love traffic jams. they teach u patience like nothing else can. the one thing i remember each time i get stuck in one is to look out at all the people who are sharing my woe at that very moment. all of us have private worries, but when we all share a tragedy, all our sorrows divide in some way. traffic jams remind me that however down and out i maybe, i am not alone - just a thought.

Friday, January 07, 2005

the lexus and the olive tree

thats the title of the book i am reading presently!

its written by Thomas L. Friedman, the foreign affairs correspondent of the NY Times.
its about globalisation and how its important to understand the way this new system (that replaced the cold war) functions and how we need to understand the big picture in order to make intelligent investments in this changing world.
seems interesting, but its pretty heavy reading. really hope its worth the effort !

Bean City

been tryiong to geta post on for the last three days.. somehow i seem to be churning out completely disinteresting chatter...

back in bangalore - this time for 5 and a half months!

HP labs seems like a nice place - the work is interesting - atleast good enuf to hold my ever wavering attention...

but sadly havent had much to do in the last two days and thats bugging me to hell and back... its frustrating to say the least. and somehow havent been able to concentrate on anything else coz of that...

this post is supposed to be on bangalore so here goes some of the things i dont like about bangalore:
  • its too small - the roads are too narrow and traffic is a night mare!
  • public transport is a pain
  • there's a fake affluence that everyone here seeks to portray
  • agreed its cosmopolitan, but its way too plastic

things i like are obvious

  • the pubs
  • the people
  • the food

it's a nice place to spend some time in - but i don't think i'd enjoy living here for a long time.

Sunday, January 02, 2005

more coffee?

went to barista in nungambakkam today.. very sad place.. in fact most coffee places nowadays have completely lost their charm. though i must admit the marketing guys come up with new ideas all the time.

on offer today were the "new" flavors of coffee with an essence of alcohol- just glamorising the usual irish/jamaican brews. needless to say they tasted awful!

reminded me of my fav coffee place - the one and only Cafetiere on Ray street in calcutta.
if u've never been there - u must check it out - its difficult to ifnd, easy to miss - but believe me so are most treasures in this world. ask any hard core south calcuttan and they'll show u...

the ambience is perfect - very small and private - and the coffe - abso mindblowing..the brownies are always fresh , and the music is good - not run of the mill. going there is sort of a pilgrimage...

but beware its closed on mondays!(i mention this coz several times ive reached there and realised its a monday and felt very foolish!)

trust me all ur ccds, baristas, caffeines etc dont even compare.

coffee needs conversation to build the mood - and a place like this provides the perfect mix!

memories of times left far behind

was forced by my mom to help her do some spring cleaning (december is pretty much spring in chennai).

had to decide which of my old clothes i was going to give away for they had created quite a huge pile in the house...

as i was sortng out the clothes i kept thinking of the times i had worn them.. i still have this skirt i bought way back in class 2!~ and surprise, surprise i still fit into it!!!(it has an elastic- thats why.. plus i was a chubby child )

like every new year i was once again stuck in a web of nostalgia.. about school and calcutta...

but one must move on - thats what life's about .. and i have the world left to see.. cant do that in old clothes!!!

Saturday, January 01, 2005

its a new year

its a new year and probably for the last few days i am gonna be financially dependent on my parents!!!
its a huge burden off my shoulders, coz my folks i know have always goe out of the way to make sure i have all i want - even at times when they really cudnt afford it and could have said no.
things haven't ever been perfectly fine between us and in the last few years have only gotten worse, though i don't ever discuss it - even with my closest friends.
but i am not an ungrateful child like they suppose me to be and they shall soon find out...

just a li'l girl who wants to follow her dreams...

read a book by paulo coelho called "By the River Piedra i Sat down and wept".

my take away line: "dreams mean work"

thats my motto from now till whenever i get what i am looking for