Thursday, September 30, 2004

i conform therefore....

I guess I should thank lady luck for all the friends I have all over the world- who adore me for my idiosyncrasies and put up with my impossible demeanour. Also I must put forth my greatest condolences to all those who have told me over the years that if I do not conform to some sort of herd mentality then I will find myself all alone.
I have been genuinely blessed to have friends who are spread all over the world and who don't know each other, but still love me just the same. And with each of these people i share a far deeper bond than any sorority could ever offer.
The reason for bringing this up is simple. One of my dearest pals Aayush who is in the merchant navy is back on shore - and though he is in pune - far far away from this desert, and though I may not get to see him before he sets sail again... it is a homecoming nonetheless.
Our friendship is stuff that legends are made off. At last count i had met him on less than 30 days put together in a period of 8 years!!! And for various stretches of time in between we had totally lost touch with each other. Infact the last i spoke to him was May, when he left for his last sail and then I get a mail today saying - "Hi, I am in Pune - so call me!!!!"
Aayush also happens to be by far the most sensitive guy i know - simply coz he's been brought up by his Mom and Aunt with not too much male interference in his upbringing. So if you are looking for a guy to go shopping with - he's the one. He will not only encourage you to try out the next store as well but actually give you genuinely good remarks on whether a particular neck cut suits you more than the other.
That apart he sends out the most lovely cards and gifts and also makes pretty decent cake!!!!
Almost all his friends are women - though this teetotaller sailor(oxymoron that!) claims no romantic involvements...
Why have I dedicated this post to him? Because he is a sweetheart and deserves this and far more!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


lost the password to my originalblogspot - not a heavy loss, coz i had just managed one post on it since its inception quite a few months back...

had to make this new one - loadsa reasons- peer pressure being the foremost - and the fact that i need to make some constructive use of the internet in my room!!!

more later..

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


why do we think?

because we have intellect

why do we have intellect?

coz god gave us brains

why did god give us brains?

to differentiate us from other animals

does different mean better?

not necessarily...

is necessity an absolute?

not always...

does always mean forever?

not necessarily...

(and thus we enter what is otherwise known as an infinite loop ......)

pondering about the meaningless vagaries of existence is like i say - just another means of timepass...

like discussing cricket, football, physics, politics, literature... : thats from a play we just did


here's something to think abt - for those of u who don't have anything better to do...

" a couple of nights back i took a walk in my wing and found that in 10 of the 12 rooms i crossed people were either chatting on the net or talking on their phones....

why has long distance communication become so indispensable to us?

is it because the friends we really want to talk to are not in immediate physical surroundings?
or is it because distance somehow makes people seem nicer - as in they say the right things, make seemingly valid excuses when the ditch you and can very easily put on a demeanour that will suit your mood at that time?